Web-Based Training

Train today and start using iLandMan tomorrow!

iLandMan's web-based training is divided into multiple sections according to the workflow of the program. It can be started and suspended, allowing the learner to pick up right where they left off. Each section requires interaction from the user and ends with a quiz. The quiz allows the learner to use their newly acquired knowledge and gauge their proficiency instantly.

Learners are enrolled in the following courses:

  • Introduction
  • Owners
  • Tracts
  • Contract Preparation
  • Lessees
  • Reporting
  • Contracts

Once the training is complete, learners will be iLandMan Certified and will be able to print out a certificate demonstrating their new proficiency. Certification is also worth 4 credits toward RL/RPL/CPL re-certification with the AAPL and 4 CPLTA credits with NALTA.

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Parcel Data

The iLandMan Parcel Store™ has high quality GIS data with on-demand delivery of nationwide land data sets, including Parcel Data, Culture Data, and Parcel Ownership.

Purchase in shapefile format for seamless import into any iLandMan project or download for any existing GIS software program. iLandMan’s Parcel Store™ files are compatible with the following programs commonly used, to name a few:

  • Esri ArcMap
  • Autodesk
  • GeoGraphix
  • Petra
The expedience of being able to set up projects before sending agents in the field is strategically sound with a measureable cost savings.

The iLandMan Parcel Store is a warehouse of GIS data available immediately giving you access to over 130 million parcels throughout the U.S.

Purchase in Seconds. Use Immediately.

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